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11 ways to relieve stress / stress management


Stress will always be a part of our lives. Whether you are starting a new job, being promoted at work, going to school as a teen, marrying, raising a family, all have some stress symptoms related to them. Learn how to avoid stress, since managing stress is not always easy. This article presents at least 11 ways coping with stress, stress management and to avoid post-traumatic stress disorder or syndromes:

1. Daydreams
Take a few minutes to daydream each day. Picture yourself on a warm island, or any other nice place you like or love to be. Especially places that makes you feel calm. Remember that there’s more to life.

2. Don’t smoke, use chemicals or drugs
Stop using stimulants or chemicals, like smoking, coffee with caffeine and drinking alcohol. Stimulants may makes you forget about your problems, but this is only temporarily and for very short moments. Stimulants increase stress levels in the long term.

3. Excercise
Exercise every day. One of the best remedies for stress is exercising. It helps you to relax and calm down by increasing the amount of endorphins in your brain. Meditation could also be helpful. Stand up and stress yourself a few times a day.

4. Get a Pet
Get a friendly dog, cat or other pet. Walking a dog helps you with your exercise and also gives you time for yourself to think things through or do some more organising. Stroking a cat or a dog has proved to have a relaxing effect and to lower the blood pressure. Pets are loyal to their owners and could be really important and beneficial during times of stress. Feed birds! If you don’t like animals, try gardening. Plant a tree.

5. Get Organised
A common cause of stress is lack of organisation:

  • Prepare the morning the night before
  • Keep a day / week / month planner
  • Keep at least ‘to-do’-list / a list of your commitments in order of priority, set priorities in your life and use time wisely
  • Postpone certain tasks which can be done later, when you have more time, set appointments ahead
  • Break large tasks into bite size portions
  • If things don’t work out, always have a plan B ready
  • Make duplicate keys, make copies of important papers and documents
  • Repair anything that needs to be repaired, things you need to use regularly
  • 6. Keep a journal / Write it all Down
    It might be helpful to write down your problems in order to relieve stress, improve your health and to sort out your life. Take a few minutes to write down your deepest grievances and thoughts each day. Don’t rely on your memory, write it all down!

    7. Live a little: relaxing things to do
    It is found that ‘busy’ personalities have a higher chance of suffering a heart attack. Sing more, hum a jingle, whistle a tune, read a poem, listen to symphony. Go to a museum and look at work of arts. Walk in the rain, look at the stars. Do something you have never done before. Go to a ball game and try to be enthouastic, try to scream!

    8. Socialize
    Socialize and communicate. If you have problems, share them with your partner, close friends or collegues at work (only if you consider them to be your friend of course). Don’t think you know all the answers to your problems. Listen carefully to other people’s — perhaps more positive — point of view. Become a better listener. Talking things over helps you to put problems in perspective. Ask a friend for a hug, it really makes you feel a lot better. Furthermore, quit trying to fix other people, but you may give compliments. Say “no” more often,. Tickle a baby or say something nice to someone once in a while. Even try to say “hello” to strangers.

    9. Stand up for Yourself
    Enhancing your self-esteem also helps to relieve stress. If you usually stumble upon your words, prepare what you want to say in your mind, whether your are at work, shopping or at home. Be firmly but politely; keep a steady voice, but don’t shout. Maintain steady eye contact, but don’t go staring. Pay attention to your appearance. Be comfortable in whatever you are wearing, avoid tight fitting clothes, be comfortable with the way you look (try a new hair style, manicure, maintain your weight which is actually a topic on itself, etc etc).

    10. Take a Deep Breath and practice breathing slowly
    When you feel stressed, take a minute or two to calm down by taking a deep breath. Try to breath deep and slowly.

    11. Think positive
    Stop saying negative things to yourself. Avoid negative people. Don’t think ‘tomorrow will be a better day’. Do it today! People didn’t invent the phrase ‘seize the day’ or ‘carpe diem’ for nothing. Work at being cheerful and optimistic.

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