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britney spears bra blunder

according to sky showbiz britney spears not wearing a bra is a real blunder.

But now she’s given birth, you’d have thought she’d be tucking her breasticles into a good old maternity bra.

who wrote this crap? good example of wasting your time writing a complete article on what women should and should not wear. britney spears can wear whatever she likes baby, yo go girl! one more time :)

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Firefox – show failed url

one thing about firefox that really bugged me a lot is when you open a lot of tabs all ot once, each with a different url, and suppose an url of a specific tab fails, for whatever reason that might be, the url is left blank. you don’t know which page that tab was trying to load. mozilla displays an annoying ‘url failed’ dialog box, but the url is kept in the url address bar. very handy for failing urls. but now there also is a solution for firefox users:

Type in your address bar:
then type (in the search box filter):
browser.xul.error_pages.enabled [press enter]
now change that value to True, you can double-click on it.

This will show the failed URL, instead of the xul code of the error pages. This works in Firefox 1.0.7 (the latest version at time of writing) and probably earlier versions.

Try Firefox
if you haven’t tried firefox yet, you should. it’s the successor to mozilla, which already is an excellent browser. both browsers still exist and both are updated. firefox is superior to internet explorer in all ways, for example: tabbed browsing, advanced pop-up blocking, actually, read all about it and download it on:

Firefox Homepage

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